Shelving systems

Meta Clip shelving systems

Which storage applications are possible with this system?

  • Light goods
  • Small replacement parts
  • Small packaged goods

The sturdy META CLIP shelving system is based on just two components (frames and shelves).
This system is very suitable for applications in all sectors, from offices to industry. It is mainly used when only small to medium-sized quantities of items must be available per product for order picking. The bulk stock is therefore the floor stock. By using various accessories, such as dividers, you can create extra sections for storing smaller floor stocks.

With the very extensive range of the META CLIP shelving system, solutions can be customised and customer-oriented advice can be provided. The META CLIP shelving system can be used in low, medium and high-bay constructions. The high steel quality standards we impose on our suppliers allow us to offer a high-quality product with an excellent finish meeting the strictest European standards.

Standard shelving consists of frames, shelves, supports, bracing struts and covers for protection against dust and dirt.


Dividers, drawer dividers, hanging file rails, clothes rails, side panels, back panels, etc.


Small investment
Optimal use of available warehouse height by creating several tiers
Maximum flexibility for the necessary number of order pickers, option to expand
Quick assembly, easy to assembly yourself (pre-assembled frames optional)
High shelf load and storage capacity
Suitable for all warehouses and archives
Flexible: can be adjusted according to your wishes and is easy to expand

Frame depth Frame height  
300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm 950, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000 mm  
Shelf length Shelf load Finish
750 mm 80 tot 100 kg pre-galvanised or painted
1000 mm 80 tot 330 kg pre-galvanised or painted
1300 mm 80 tot 230 kg pre-galvanised or painted

This system ensures that you get maximum use of your warehouse surface area. The racks are boltless and quick to assemble and can be fully adjusted to suit your specific needs.

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