Wide Span Racks

Meta Mini Rack Wide Span Racks

Which storage solutions can this system provide?

  • Large-volume goods
  • Heavy goods
  • Small to medium-sized goods

Wide span racks are the best choice for bulky or heavy goods. Shelf loads of up to 600 kg and section loads of up to 4,600 kg are can easily be stored. This system can also be seamlessly integrated into other systems, such as multi-tier shelving.
The combination of a simple yet very robust construction in a wide range of standard sizes makes this the ideal solution for storing bigger volumes. The system is very easy to build with only a few parts: uprights, beams and shelves or chipboard.

Wide span racks are often used to store smaller and medium-sized goods that can be loaded manually. In terms of construction and dimensions, the wide span rack therefore comes between shelving and a pallet rack. Several levels are created between the vertical uprights with horizontally fitted beam pairs. The beam pairs can be given steel or wooden shelves to carry the goods. Compared to normal shelving, wide span racks allow the storage of heavier and bigger products and larger packaging. A wide span rack is very suitable here because it allows a wide range of layout options and heavier loads.

Meta Tyre Shelving

We offer a wide range of shelves developed especially for the garage sector: tyre shelving on wheels, windscreen and window shelving, spare parts shelving ...
Meta offers tyre shelving for various types and sizes of tyres.
Several systems can be applied to store tyres as efficiently as possible. There is a range of storage systems, such as wide span shelving, pallet racks or a platform system.

Every business with several vehicles needs tyre shelving, even if it is just to store winter tyres in summer and vice versa. For this purpose, we offer compact tyre shelving of 2,000 x 1,000 x 400 mm with a storage capacity of 12 tyres.

Technical Specifications

Frame height: 1.500 mm t/m 4500 mm  
Frame depth: 400 - 500 mm  
Beam length: 950, 1150, 1350, 1500, 1850, 2000, 2200 mm  
Adjustable per: 50 mm  

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