Cantilever Racks

Meta Strong Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks can be the perfect solution for the storage of long goods, sheet goods, timber and goods in different shapes. The various standard types of cantilever racks all have their own specific sizes and load capacities to meet all your storage requirements. From very light to extremely heavy loads, every cantilever rack is characterised by standardised parts and a perfect finish. Every required height, depth, length or colour is available upon request. All systems also come with a wide range of accessories.

The cantilever racks at your warehouse have mainly been developed for 3 types of goods:

  • Storage of long goods
  • Steel and/or synthetic pipes, timber
  • Storage of sheet goods
  • Chipboard, wood, hardboard, hardwood, plasterboard, steel plates, etc.
  • Various non-standard sizes
  • Parts and products with custom sizes can be easily stored on cantilever racks because there is no obstruction from any uprights at the front.

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