Some information about our partner Meta

META Regalbau GmbH ( is a leading European brand that is part of the Joachim Loh Unternehmens Gruppe (, a group involved in several disciplines in the steel industry.

META has designed and manufactured efficient, flexible storage systems for over 40 years and offers a wide range of warehouse racks and shelves for industrial applications.
META Regalbau GmbH:

  • meets guidelines RAL-RG 614/1, RAL-RG 614/2, NEN-5051 and NEN-5052
  • is TÜV approved and received the ‘Geprüfte Sicherheit’ certificate of tested safety
  • complies with RAL–RG 614, based on European guidelines FEM 10.2.02
  • is DIN EN ISO certified and meets the BGR 234 guidelines.

Download here the DIBT certificates.