Pallet Racks


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Pallet racks are the ideal system for rational, well-arranged storage in your warehouse. They are mainly used for individual loads such as pallets, boxes, containers, reels, sheet goods and barrels. With the available standard components, a customised solution is always possible. Every pallet location is directly accessible and the investment costs per pallet position are relatively low.

Very high stability is guaranteed by the combination of upright frames connected by bolts and beams with suspension claws. The height of the beams is adjustable in 50-mm steps with hooks. The equipment is extra durable because its sections have been finished with a RAL 5010/2001 powder coating and/or galvanised surface treatment.

Standard beams are 1,800 to 3,600 mm long. Frames are available in standard lengths 2,000-12,000 mm and standard depths 800-1,050-1,100-1,600 mm. Maximum permissible weight per frame: 4,000-25,000kg. The combination of a simple, solid construction in various standard dimensions makes the pallet rack the ideal solution for storing larger volumes with a normal to heavy weight.

META MULTIPAL pallet racks are characterised by:

  • Frames with exceptionally thick metal of 20 mm, e.g. 85/20 upright width 85mm – steel thickness 20 mm
  • Beams with exceptionally thick metal of 20 mm, e.g. 100/20 beam height 100 mm – steel thickness 20 mm
  • Very robust installation showing little torsion when subjected to high loads
  • Own weight is heavy, which is a good indicator of top quality
  • Standard galvanised frames, which give your warehouse a very bright look compared to dark blue shades
  • Flexible: adjustable according to your wishes and very easy to expand

Our pallet racks carry the RAL-RG 614/2 quality label.

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